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Ranking Of Baroque Works Members by Bounty

Led by Crocodile, The Baroque Works has spread throughout Alabasta. How do members rank in terms of bounties?

Many non-pirate organizations debuted in One Piece. While the majority of them were only fleeting, a few left a lasting impression on fans. One of the memorable organizations mentioned above was Baroque Works, a group of bounty hunters led by the previous ShichibukaiCrocodile. The group was headquartered in Alabasta at the time of its fall.

Like any other organization in Shichibukai, the overall bounty of the Baroque Works organization was frozen after its official launch. As bounties can be a way of measuring individual abilities, those with frozen bounties often tend to have a large disproportion between their bounties and their abilities. Here are the bounties for each base agent in Baroque Works, ranked from lowest to highest.

11. MR. 4/ BABE (3.200.000 BERRYS)

Mr. 4

Mr. 4 served as one of the main antagonists of the Alabasta arc. Alongside his partner, Miss Merry Christmas, he battled Usopp and Chopper in an attempt to bring them down.

Unlike the other agents who were quite capable of fending for themselves, Mr. 4 is a slow-witted individual who would have been completely helpless without his partner’s orders. He is also one of the few Numbered Agents that does not have a Devil Fruit ability.


Miss Valentine

Miss Valentine, or Mikita, was an agent associated with Mr. 5. She ate the Kiro Kiro no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that gave her the ability to alter her weight; 0 Kilos being the minimum and 10,000 Kilos the maximum.

Although she wasn’t one of the most powerful agents, Mikita wasn’t a weakling either. She was easily able to restrain Vivi, which showed how strong she was.

9. MR. 5/ GEM (PRIME DE 10.000.000 BERRYS)

Mr. 5

Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine were central antagonists during the early arcs of the Alabasta saga, namely the Whiskey Peak arc and the Little Garden arc. The duo operated in a fairly organized fashion, with Mr. 5 handling the majority of the fights while Miss Valentine occasionally provided life support.

Mr. 5 ate the Bomu Bomu no mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that granted him the ability to turn his body into a walking bomb. It’s an above average devil fruit, with a lot of untapped potential.


Miss Merry Christmas

Unlike the pair of Mr. 5 who had most of their action before the Alabasta arcMiss Merry Christmas was not only present during the Alabasta arc, she also played a major role.

7. MR. 3/ GALDINO (24.000.000 BERRYS)

Mr. 3

Unlike his colleagues at Baroque Works who mostly retired after the fall of the organization, Mr.3 was sent to Impel Down and then embarked on quite an adventure alongside Buggy and Luffy.

Mr. 3’s efforts during the Marineford arc were indispensable. Without her help, freeing Ace from his chains would have been a little more difficult. Currently, Mr. 3 is a core member of Baggy’s notorious organized mercenary group,


Miss Goldenweek

Miss Goldenweek was Mr. 3’s partner during the little garden arc. His abilities were extremely support-focused; alone, she could easily be overpowered by multiple opponents.

Miss Goldenweek’s ability is not due to a Devil Fruit, but it is based on art and painting. Against simpletons like Luffy, she could work wonders and prove to be a real challenge.

5. MR. 2/ BON CLAY (32.000.000 BERRYS)

Mr. 2

Bon Clay is, without question, one of the realistic characters of One Piece. He did not hesitate to sacrifice himself for his friend Luffy, who had become his enemy. He did it not once, but twice! The first time was during the Alabasta arc and the second time was in Impel Down.

The reunion between Bon Clay and Luffy is desired by the entire One Piece community. His bounty of 32,000,000 berries was canceled after his imprisonment.


Miss Double-Finger

Miss Doublefinger was Daz Bone’s partner during the events of Alabasta. She volunteered to take down Nami, a seemingly weak individual, but was ironically defeated in the process.

Miss Doublefinger’s defeat could be mostly attributed to her overconfidence in her abilities and self-confidence, which was justified given her position. At the time of her arrest, she had a frozen bounty of 36,000,000 berries.

3. MR. 1/ DAZ BONES (75.000.000 BERRYS)

Mr. 1

In terms of strength, Daz Bones was only second to Crocodile. The rest of the Baroque Works agents, including Robin, were no match for him in this regard.

Due to the nature of his Devil Fruit ability, Daz Bones gave Zoro a real race against time. It was an insurmountable mountain that Zoro had to get around to keep going, both figuratively and literally.


Miss All Sunday

Prior to joining the Straw Hats, Robin served as vice president of the Baroque Works organization; her codename was Miss All Sunday. The authority she could wield was greater than the entire organization except Crocodile.

During his years in the group, Robin had a bounty of 79,000,000 berries. But today it has risen to 130,000,000 after hanging on to the Straw Hats for more than two years.

1. MR. 0/ CROCODILE (81.000.000 BERRYS)


As the leader of baroque works, it is only natural that Crocodile possesses the greatest bounty. That said, an 81,000,000 berry bounty doesn’t even scratch the surface of his true abilities.

Even today, Crocodile is often criminally underrated by One Piece fandom. An act against which the Marines decided to oppose when they imprisoned him in Impel Down: level 6, the lowest institution where all the big shots are held. 

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