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Top 10 Best One Piece Fights Ever


What makes good shonen anime stand out ? Is it character development ? Is it the plot or is it the stunning well animated fights among some overpowered characters ?

The answer is obvious, everything contributes to the anime and becomes its strength but when we are talking about standing out then it is usually the legendary confrontations.

Let’s get into one of the most heated topics not only in the¬†One Piece¬†world but in the entire world of anime : ¬ę¬†The Top 10 Best One piece fights ! ¬Ľ
With an almost overwhelming number of episodes, there are countless One Piece fights to choose from. There are just so many devil fruits, Haki users, and other substantial characters that possess an incredible amount of latent potential.

We have shortened the list to only propose you the Top 10 best fight scenes in One Piece.

Here are the best One Piece Fights ever !

10) Luffy vs Crocodile :

luffy vs crocodile

Crocodile, the first warlord of the seas to ever defeat Monkey D.¬†Luffy. Crocodile’s devil fruit allowed him to become sand which is basically the reason Luffy used to struggle so much against him even after many encounters.
The One Piece fight scene where Luffy lands his first ever blow on Crocodile on his smug face was something everyone wanted to see. In this One Piece fight, we see some out of the ordinary ways to hit a Logia user without using Haki.
Luffy managed to do that by putting his own blood on his fist.

But with some persistence, creativity, and desire, Luffy managed to pull it off ! He defeats the sandman.

¬ę I don’t care who you are… I am going to surpass you. ¬Ľ

(Monkey D.Luffy)

The way he did that was stunningly well, at one instance he just pulled some oxygen in, made himself look like Cell “when he was about to explode” and just blew that oxygen out to fly and attack Crocodile with his new technique : GOMU GOMU NO STOOOOOOOOOOOORM !!!

Luffy vs Crocodile EPIC final :

The reason this fight is on this list is not only because it is one of the best One Piece fights ever but also because it was something for which fans had to wait eagerly for quite some to finally see it happening, to finally see Luffy beating the sand out of the sandman !

9) Ace vs Blackbeard :

ace vs blackbeard

This fight is the best fight in One Piece when we talk about Blackbeard or Ace. It packed a lot of punch in such a short duration.

If it was any other opponent, Ace’s flames might have worked but the foe he had to deal with was Blackbeard, who has got a devil fruit even more terrifying than Whitebeard AKA the strongest man himself.
In a fierce battle between fire and darkness, who do you think will win ? The answer as obvious as is darkness. Be it the sun or darkness, there can only be one winner, whoever is stronger will always win.

It was during this¬†One Piece fight that we saw One Piece’s ultimate villain’s emergence. The fight was so intense that even the surrounding area started to fall apart. The destruction was unlike anything the locals had ever seen, they even said that this can’t be the doing of a human.

Ace vs Marshall D. Teach (Blackbeard) Final Attacks :

If you didn’t get goosebumps when ace yelled : DAI ENKAI : ENTEI and when he said that he’ll make Whitebeard ¬ę The King ¬Ľ then you’re not a true One Piece fan !

The moment the sun made by Ace and Blackbeard’s Darkness collided it resulted in a massive impact on the island, that scene is hailed as one of the best One Piece fight scenes.

This fight was remembered as a trigger for a major event that was about to unfold …..


8) Zoro vs Kaku :

zoro vs kaku

To think that the swordsman of the Straw Hat crew taking on a giant Giraffe would turn out to be one of the best fights in One Piece. This One Piece fight was happening at the same time as when Luffy and Lucci were taking each other on in an epic brawl next door.

The CP9 second deadliest assassin managed to push Zoro to the edge regardless of his ridiculous looking form until he makes the terrible mistake of talking crap about Robin. It was the same for Luffy wasn’t it ?

¬ę Nobody disrespects one of my friends ¬Ľ as Kaku’s mouth had crossed the line, he now had to pay for what he had just said.

The scene where Zoro uses the 9 sword style (Asura) to make his way through all of Kaku’s attacks is regarded as one of Zoro’s legendary moments. The fight didn’t take much time after Zoro had unleashed everything he had. Kaku loses and Zoro tells him that he’s got a message from Galley-La leader which states that the assassins are all fired.

After Zoro suggests Kaku to join a zoo, Kaku even hands him the key before passing out. Assassin or not, even Giraffes have a heart.

Zoro vs Kaku Full Fight :

7) Sanji vs Jabura :

sanji vs jabura

This One Piece fight ended up becoming Sanji’s ultimate & most known moment. :

The leg of the devil… DIABLE JAMBE¬†!… A heated up leg… hitting with high speed !

(Vinsmoke Sanji)

We have often heard the phrase¬† ¬ę Kick some ass ¬Ľ and this fight scene embodies the true meaning of that phrase. Imagine getting kicked by a leg that looks and feels like Lava and not just once, getting kicked like that again and again and again !

In order to take out the CP9 member martial arts expert Jabura whose devil fruit allows him to transform into a wolf, a bunch of heated kicks was all Sanji needed. Once Sanji gets going, he doesn’t stop, not until he had sent Jabura crashing through Enies lobby.

Sanji reveals his new technique : Diable Jambe

Throughout the kicks, all we see of Jabura is him feeling those hot kicks and his struggles to bear the enormous pain inflicted by those not so cool kicks. The awesome display of fiery footwork by Sanji makes this fight one of the best fights in One Piece.

In a sentence we can say that Sanji kicked the living daylights out of Jabura or should we say, he burnt the living daylights out of Jabura. Or perhaps both ?

6) Zoro vs Mr.1 (Daz Bonez) :

zoro vs mr 1

A Katana follows will…all that’s left… is to see if I truly have the power to cut steel.
(Roronoa Zoro)

This fight is the best fight in One Piece when it comes to Zoro, as it is one of the most fundamental character defining moments in the entire One piece series (There are only a few of them).

In this encounter, we witness Zoro’s struggle to somehow make himself push beyond the limits of what a normal swordsman is capable of. And that’s exactly what makes this One Piece fight Zoro’s hardest fought battle to this day. After losing so much blood and strength, Zoro was almost on the brink of death but it’s on the brink of death that he finds his answer.

Zoro beat Mr. 1 using only 1 sword :

By going face to face with death and himself, he achieves a very enlightened sense of the world around him and as a result, he achieves the ability to cut through steel. The fight scene where it only takes Zoro a single slash to cut his opponent down is Zoro’s most legendary moment.

When Mr.1 asked Zoro if he was planning to cut down diamonds next, he simply replied that it would be just a waste. Which made it clear, Zoro now has the strength needed to cut down whatever he wants & however he wants.

5) Luffy vs Enel :

luffy vs enel

The Goro Goro No Mi, which allows the user to manipulate and transform into electricity. Just how in the world was Luffy supposed to face it’s user Enel.

Luckily, we studied back in middle school that rubber doesn’t conduct electricity and rubber is what Luffy’s made up of. Thus Luffy had a major advantage throughout this¬†One Piece fight. Sounds simple but it wasn’t, not only could Enel become electricity but he could also travel at that speed which is about 220, 000, 000 mph. So that’s nothing to sneeze at.

The fight starts with Enel actually panicking for a change as he sees Luffy clear the sky from all the lightning he had just created. The scene where Luffy lands the first blow on Enel can also be hailed as the instance where Enel got hit for the first time ever.

Luffy Rings the Golden Bell by defeating Enel :

Luffy eventually smashes him into the bell and ends up creating a sound that could even reach the earth from the sky. This is clearly one of the best fights in One Piece. Although, it was still a little sad to see that rubber was all it took to beat such an overpowered character like Enel. However, it also made it clear just how much though has Oda put into choosing the main character’s devil fruit.

Skypiea was one of a hell arc, all the revelations during the arc gave goosebumps to all of us ! One of the best moment is when Luffy beat Enel and ring the Golden Bell to prove that the Sky Islands do exists. What an amazing moment filled with a lot of feelings !

LET THEM HEAR IT ! Ossan ! Can you hear it ? The City of Gold is here ! For 400 years… the City of Gold… HAS BEEN IN THE SKY !!

(Monkey D. Luffy)

Mont Blanc Noland was right and the truth has been restored !

4) Whitebeard vs Akainu :

whitebeard vs akainu

If it weren’t for Luffy going beyond his limits every time, this fight might have been on top. There were many¬†shocking moments and revealations during the war at¬†Marineford but none of them were more heartbreaking than the death of Portgas D. Ace by the hands of the Admiral Akainu.

Losing Ace left a void in Whitebeard’s heart as he deeply regarded Ace as his own son. He had nothing else on his mind than to make the Admiral pay for what he had just did.

What happens next makes this fight one of the best fights in One Piece. Whitebeard lashes out with his righteous fury as he charges straight ahead onto the admiral. Even if his body has been pushed to the limit and there are some major wounds and holes in it, Whitebeard continues to keep pushing himself which results in Akainu getting absolutely wrecked.

Whitebeard destroys Akainu :

The scene where Whitebeard serves the admiral with a chop on the left side of his stomach was gruesome indeed, and it would’ve definitely made the Admiral realize what a terrible mistake he had done by taking Ace’s life.

From start to finish, the fight only lasted a few minutes. Yes, a few minutes is all it took to beat the living daylights out of a proud Admiral. When the strongest man in the world becomes furious, things are about to take a major shift !

3) Luffy vs Doflamingo :

luffy vs doflamingo haki clash

Let’s get one thing clear, Doflamingo is the best villain in One Piece. It is incredible just how much has Oda developed this villain, at some instances he was even seen as someone invincible.

Doflamingo is one nasty dude with a nasty devil fruit that allows him to manipulate strings, the amount of applications his devil fruit abilities have is ridiculously enormous. He is a former warlord,the king of the underworld and someone who likes to use bloody means to get whatever he wants.

Trafalgar Law and Luffy participated together in this epic One Piece fight. The fight ends up becoming one of the best fights in One Piece. Luffy’s battle against Doflamingo is an important matter that is still being discussed among fans. Just when did Luffy get strong enough to beat Doflamingo ? Was Gear fourth all it took to defeat the best regarded villain of One Piece ?

The reason why Doflamingo is the best villain isn’t because he is one of the strongest. There is a lot more to an antagonist than raw strength. Doflamingo’s cunningness and bloodlust, as well as his unusual personality are the key components that make him the best villain in One Piece.

Of course, there was a lot more that met our eye than just the Gear 4. Like how the conqueror’s Haki of both of them collided. As well as the help Luffy got from Trafalgar Law during that fight because he could have never managed to defeat someone who commands strings that are as strong as swords by himself.

Luffy finishes Doflamingo with his King Kong Gun attack :

The final blow which settled the fight is one of the legendary One Piece fight scenes. The moment the World Government and Admiral Akainu heard the news of Monkey D. Luffy defeating the warlord Doflamingo was a¬†complete shock¬†to them, it totally catches them off guard. The news spreads like wildfire and just like that, the whole world knew of Doflamingo’s defeat.

The defeat of the king of the underworld disrupts all the deals and connections he had made with several other folks. It had a major impact on the whole world.

2) Luffy vs Lucci :

luffy vs lucci

During a long time, this fight wore the crown of the best fight in One Piece. The ultimate Assasin Rob Lucci was the only obstacle that Luffy had to overcome in order to save the life of his friend Robin.

Lucci’s objective was to eliminate the very person who Luffy had to save and that’s what lead to this clash between two individuals having polar opposite desires.

The¬†One Piece fight scene where Lucci smashed Luffy’s internal organs to pieces felt like Rob¬†Lucci was the most dominant one during the fight. He had sent some insane vibrations into Luffy’s body and was absolutely certain of his victory. But Luffy had sworn not sink to the ground until he had defeated Lucci. Luffy stood again without having touched the ground and the sight of that made Lucci infuriated.

Luffy EPIC Jet Gatling Gun vs Rob Lucci :

After withstanding the destruction of his internal organs, Luffy let loose a barrage of punches that pretty much took out eight of nine Lucci’s lives. This One Piece fight was an insane display of sheer will power by Luffy and that’s exactly what led to Luffy’s emerging victory in this ridiculous battle against death.

Throughout the fight, it appeared that Robin’s words ¬ę¬†I want to live !¬†¬Ľ¬†were the driving force behind Luffy’s epic outrage. As Luffy was going up against Lucci, Zoro was facing Kaku at the same time.

1) Luffy vs Katakuri :

luffy vs katakuri

A lot of fights like Goku vs Frieza, Naruto vs. Pain,¬†All Might vs All for One etc… have been hailed as the greatest of all times. And when it comes to One Piece, the 21 episodes long battle between Luffy and Katakuri is the best fight in One Piece yet.

Not only was this One Piece fight drawn out just right, the mental and physical battle between a perfect individual and an aspiring pirate king is also the legendary One Piece fight scene that embodies the moment where Luffy has gone beyond his limits more so than ever before.

At their encounter, Luffy entered the battlefield as a complete and utter wreck, many fans said that there was no way for Luffy to even bare any more blows let alone actually defeat Katakuri. Well, that’s exactly what makes this fight the best One Piece fight ever as it was not fought on the basis of strength alone.

Luffy reveals his new form : Gear 4 SNAKEMAN !

There were a lot of other merits to this fight for both Luffy and Katakuri. Before this encounter, Katakuri had always believed that Luffy was inferior to him in every way. He didn’t have much respect for him and only saw him as a threat to his family that must be eliminated. Which is to be expected as Katakuri displays strong affection to his family. So how did Luffy emerged victorious in this impossible battle against the rumored perfect individual ?

Indeed, Luffy was completely outclassed in terms of raw strength, speed, and overall battle experience. Katakuri possessed¬†2 highly evolved forms of Haki. Not only that but Katakuri also had Conqueror’s Haki so Luffy didn’t even have any advantage when it came to that as well as the fact that Katakuri’s devil fruit allowed him the ability to mimic all of Luffy’s stunts and perform them even better.

So was it the plot armor that made Katakuri resign the best fight in One Piece or was there more to it ? How did Luffy defeat him ?

Luffy vs Katakuri fight CLIMAX :

It wasn’t because he physically overpowered Katakuri, what happened is far more impressive than simply defeating your opponent.

As All Might (Boku No Hero Academia) says :

¬ę¬†No matter. Whether you win or lose, you can always take something away from an experience like this.¬†¬Ľ

Luffy influenced Katakuri at a deeper emotional level which even lead to Katakuri finally starting to see Luffy as an equal and even give him some respect. This One Piece fight scene also revealed Katakuri’s true¬†personality that had remain hidden for who knows how long. Katakuri no longer saw Luffy as an enemy or a threat to his family. He realized that there is no point in prolonging this fight any further and just like that the epic battle of 21 episodes finally ended proving that Luffy vs Katakuri is the best One Piece fight scene.

Luffy and Katakuri departed ways with enormous respect for each other !

BONUS –¬†Luffy vs Kaido :

luffy vs kaido

This fight does’nt count in the list, however we found interesting to put it here since it’s Luffy’s last recent fight and one of the most important one.

Luffy vs Kaido is one of the best fights in One Piece. Fans had to remain patient for quite a while to finally see it happening. The fight was executed incredibly well in terms of animation and pacing.

During the fight, both Luffy and Kaido traded blows a couple of times with Luffy’s Elephant Gun being the initiation and Luffy’s Elephant Gatling attack overpowering Kaido. So what made fans flinch a little was the fact that Luffy was punching a Yonko too easily. How can Luffy overpower the strongest creature in¬†the world ?

Luffy vs Kaido :

Kaido is one of the four Yonko and Luffy alone shouldn’t even stand a chance against him. Could it be that Kaido actually becomes weaker in his hybrid form or was it just the main character getting a special treatment ? Either way, it is a little too early to judge this fight. In this One Piece fight scene, it was clear that Luffy had the advantage. He was totally about to knock Kaido out of his Zoan Dragon form. However, does that label Luffy to be on the same level as Kaido ? Well the end of the fight gave us the answer.

During the fight, the stunts performed by Luffy were praiseworthy but the conclusion always comes down to how much damage it did. For all we know, Kaido might have not even received any damage from all those blows.

In the next round, he could beat Luffy to a pulp because the idea of one of the Yonko going down so easily seems a little too superficial. That’s exactly why this One Piece fight wasn’t a disappointment. We have yet to see Kaido’s part in it.

Kaido One Shot Luffy :

After that, we fully understand the difference between a future Yonko and a current Yonko. Is Luffy ready to be one yet ? Well, he has the support and loyalty of many comrades and he also has the gift of attracting loyal followers but he still lacks in terms of strength and charisma.

So the conclusion of this fight is going to play a major role in how long is it till Luffy can finally be hailed as a Yonko. Overall, the fight itself was done stunningly well. The animators totally did their job. The impact of Luffy’s punch, the expressions on the faces of both Luffy and Kaido were extremely well done.

If you want another point of view, the youtuber Viniitube made his own Top 10 Epic One Piece Anime Fights. The montage is pretty good and he definitely chose interesting moments !

Conclusion :

We hope that this article of the best One Piece fight scenes pleased you.

But one important question is still remaining. What is YOUR favourite fight in One Piece ?

Tell us in the comments below !

Don’t forget to have a look to our article about the¬†Top 5 Strongest One Piece characters.

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