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Top 10 Best One Piece Openings Ever !


One Piece is one of the longest-running anime series in history. Being around for decades means that you need to stay fresh to be consistently entertaining – and One Piece has continuously proven itself to both fans and critics.

The openings of an anime are the perfect way of attracting audiences, hyping up the episode, and paying homages to what the story has gone through so far.

In this list, we will answer what are the best One Piece openings ! Starting from the very first One Piece opening, and going to the One Piece latest opening.

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10 – Over the Top (Opening 22)

one piece opening wano

Over The Top cannot be ignored when the topic of the top One Piece openings is brought up. When the legend Hiroshi Kitadani himself returns, you know he’s going to deliver another one of the best One Piece opening songs. It started from episode 892 and is still being used for the latest episodes.

It does not get better than having the legendary Hiroshi Kitadani sing for one of the most exciting arcs in One Piece history, and the nostalgia that rushes through your veins makes it all the more special !

The opening beautifully covers some of the best moments of the highly anticipated One Piece Wano Country arc, and like its name, is truly over the top and action-packed. It’s often referred to One Piece Opening Wano as well within the fanbase, due to the fact it features so much of it visually.

9 – Hard Knock Days (Opening 18)

one piece opening 18

Hard Knock Days is easily one of the best One Piece opening songs and the top-notch animation complements it further. The song is uplifting and makes you think about how far our Straw Hat Pirates have come in their journey.

It’s known for leading up to the finale of Dressrosa and introduced the appearances of Kanjuro, Kyuin, and Corazon before they were a part of the anime’s story. It ran from episode 687 to episode 746. This catchy song is created by the Generations from Exile Tribe band.

8 – We Go (Opening 15)

one piece opening 15

We Go is one of the most iconi, and one of the best One Piece openings. The first greatest thing about it is the fact it features the same singer as the very first One Piece opening, Hiroshi Kitadani. His return is highly ironic considering the fact the very first opening shows us the start of the anime while We Go shows us the start of a new era, set in the New World. It started with episode 517 and was used until episode 589.

The post time-skip era needed a song that made you feel like greatness awaits you, and that’s exactly the emotion this opening captures. It has just the right amount of nostalgia that was needed, while also being fresh enough to make its place among the numerous One Piece openings that had existed to that point. Even if you’re not a One Piece fan, this song will make you feel like your journey is about to see a new beginning !

7 – Hands Up (Opening 16)

one piece opening 16

Hands Up keeps Hiroshi Kitadani after opening 15, and delivers yet another one of the top One Piece openings. Covering the Punk Hazard arc, which lasted from episode 591 to 628, Hands Up is a bit different from the usual One Piece openings.

Instead of being uplifting or encouraging, Hands Up is a more grounded and sad song that makes you feel calm and reflect over the journey of Straw Hat Pirates into the post time-skip era.

The Punk Hazard arc itself is not as emotional as the song suggests, but sometimes it’s good to remember the sacrifices we make to get to the better place we’re in today. Due to its unique sound and atmosphere, it is considered one of the top One Piece openings.

 6 – Hope (Opening 20)

one piece opening 20

Hope is one of the most emotional One Piece openings, which lasted from episode 807, to episode 855. It is believed by fans to perfectly portray the emotions felt throughout the Whole Cake Island Arc, especially surrounding Sanji.

And what it portrays, it portrays beautifully, as Namie Amuro proves to be a great singer once more after also singing for the Fight Together opening (Opening 14). The opening also showed Charlotte Katakuri, Compote, Daifuku, Oven and Smoothie before their official debut in the storyline.

5 – Brand New World (Opening 6)

one piece opening 6

Brand New World was created for the Enies Lobby Arc and was used from episode 264 to episode 278. The Enies Lobby Arc is considered to be one of the best One Piece storylines, and the D-51 band captures that perfectly.

The song is full of excitement and catchy music and the animation shows some of the best moments of the anime. It is brought up often when fans discuss about the best One Piece opening, and it surely deserves that spot.

It is a shame that it is one among the least used openings in the series, being used only in a total of 15 episodes. However, that is just one of the reasons it’s so iconic, considering how memorable it is despite how little we heard it officially.

4 – Share The World (Opening 11)

one piece opening 11

Share The World is perhaps the funkiest One Piece opening, featuring a song by the TVXQ band. It’s full of energy, it’s catchy and it makes you wanna dance – and it fits the goofiness of the One Piece animation that we all love. It lasted from Episode 395, to 425, covering the Sabaody Archipelago arc  after the remix of We Are.

TVXQ, while an odd choice for One Piece, once again proved they can keep up with the show’s unique atmosphere. Their remix of We Are, while not as good as the original, is still a decent track to listen to, and honors One Piece’s legacy.

3 – Fight Together (Opening 14)

one piece opening 14

Fight Together is the most emotional One Piece opening, featuring an animation that continuously reflects over Luffy, Ace and Sabo’s childhoods. It features the vocals of Namie Amuro and can cause any One Piece fan to tear up. It shows several scenes from the Marineford Arc (and begins with the Sabaody Archipelago arc) and ran from episode 493 to episode 516.

It is considered by some as the best One Piece opening and no matter what your most favorite One Piece opening is , you cannot deny that Fight Together is one of the best One Piece openings and is iconic to the series. It’s impossible to ignore the impact it has on you as a fan of the series and is important in remembering Luffy’s roots and motivations.

2 – We Are (Opening 1)

one piece opening 1

On number 2 is none other than the very first One Piece opening, the one that ultimately started it all. Featuring Hiroshi Kitadani’s energetic vocals, We Are was the perfect beginning to one of the most iconic anime series of all time. It was used in Episodes 1 to 47, 129, 152, Movie 1 and the Romance Dawn Story. It was used in several episodes to establish a big story moment has happened, and was also featured as an instrumental for episode previews for a long time.

While a great number of fans love the opening due to the sheer amount of nostalgia they have, it is not the only reason it is beloved. The song is uplifting and full of heart and the visuals mark the beginning of the legendary journey Straw Hat Pirates will embark on.

It even has a variation sung by the Straw Hats themselves, which is no less than a blessing !

We Are ! Straw Hat Crew Voice Version

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1 – One Day (Opening 13)

one piece opening 13

One Day by The Rootless, commonly known as the One Piece Marineford Opening, is the number 1 among the different One Piece openings. It’s the best One Piece opening song,and features the best One Piece opening animation as well. The first thing to be said about this opening, is the fact it is different to the other opening songs in the series. It has rock music, and vocals that will make you sad, yet it still manages to keep an uplifting tone as it carries on, providing a feeling of encouragement.

The animation of the opening is full of emotions itself, featuring scenes from Luffy’s childhood and sets up the Marineford arc, with us finally seeing a bit of optimism at the end to match the song’s encouraging tone. And for an arc that is considered to be one of the best arcs of the entire show, One Day truly offers itself as a worthy companion. It lasted from Episode 459, to Episode 492.

All of these factors make it worthy of being called the best One Piece opening, and is often featured as the One Piece best opening song.

How many One Piece openings are there ?

One of the most commonly asked questions even within the fans is how many One Piece Openings are there. Well, One Piece counts to date 23 openings.

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