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how tall is luffy

How Tall is Luffy ?


In this post, the heights of the major recurring characters of One Piece have been discussed and compared with Luffy’s height.

Many people wonder how tall is the Hero wearing a straw hat ? Maybe fans who ask this kind of question want to compare themselves to his size to know if they are taller or shorter ? Or just out of curiosity ? Who knows ?

Before we delve any further into this topic, we will give Luffy’s exact size.

How tall is Monkey D. Luffy ?

how tall is monkey d luffy

So apparently, Luffy is almost 174 cm tall. That’s 1.74 meters (He was 1.72 cm tall before the time-skip) Since we know his exact height, let’s convert it into different units and answer the following questions.

How tall is Luffy in feet ?

He is about 5.71 feet,¬†that’s the same height as an average teenager.

How tall is Luffy in inches ?

Converting that number into inches, Luffy is about 68.5 inches tall.

It is obvious that he is shorter than most of the other One Piece characters.

Talking about Luffy’s general physical appearance, Luffy has black Shaggy hair, round black eyes and a slim muscular build. Luffy also has two scars which endorse the fact that he is a MAN. The first one is under his left eye and the one who gave him this scar was Luffy himself. He wanted to prove to Shanks that he is tough enough to hold his own. And by stabbing a knife under his eye, he made Shanks acknowledge him.

luffy scar

Luffy also has a serious scar on his chest. If we take fillers into account then the one who gave him this scar was Zoro. However, it didn’t seem like that much big of a deal back then but during the Battle of Marineford, Fleet Admiral Akainu gave Luffy a stupendously intense blow on his stomach and that blow ended up making¬†an X shaped scar.

Still ! Both of those scars symbolize the manliness of our main character because without those scars Luffy would just seem like an average scrawny teenager. Truth be told, he is pretty SHORT !

luffy goodies

Heights of Luffy’s family members

monkey d family

Luffy’s family is filled with incredibly notorious and powerful individuals. This includes his grandfather Monkey D. Garp¬†who is considered a hero within the marines as well as the man who went toe to tow with Gol D. Roger, The Pirate King.

Monkey D. Garp height :

As for Monkey D. Garp’s height, he is almost twice as tall as Luffy, 2.87 meters to be more precise

Monkey D. Dragon height : 

Luffy’s father, Monkey D. Dragon is the head of the revolutionary army (Even though he is Luffy’s father, they have never actually met) He is about 256 cm. He isn’t as tall as Monkey D. Garp but still, 2.56 meters is nothing to sneeze at.

Now, let’s consider Luffy’s brothers, Portgas D. Ace and Sabo, even though they are not related to Luffy by blood, they still hold a very deep bond.

Portgas D. Ace height :

Luffy’s spiritual brother, Ace¬†is about 185 cm¬†tall. We can say that both Luffy and Ace were only about less than half a feet apart in terms of height.

one piece ace goodies

Sabo height :

Sabo is the tallest of the three, his current height is 187 cm.

luffy ace sabo

sabo goodies

Height Comparison of Luffy’s Transformations

gear 4 goodies

There are a lot of questions like, How tall is Gear 4 Luffy ? Or does doing a GEAR transformation affect Luffy’s standard height ?

Let’s start with the 2nd Gear and gradually make our way up to the Gear fourth.

As much as we wanted to give you an actual number of Luffy’s height in his gear 2nd and gear 3rd. It turns out that Gear 2nd doesn’t affect Luffy’s height at all. All we can say is that Luffy’s 2nd Gear before the time skip was about 172 cm tall and now that Luffy has grown about a total amount of 2 centimeters. His current Gear 2 transformation would also be 174 cm tall.

As we already know, Luffy’s 3rd gear transformation is subjective. He can increase the size of his body parts depending upon the situation so there’s not much to discuss there.

How tall is Gear 4 Luffy ?

how tall is gear 4 luffy

Seems like we are back to the question How tall is Gear 4 Luffy ? Before we answer that question let’s consider the fact that Luffy is capable of going into three different forms when it comes to his Gear 4. These are,

  • Monkey D. Luffy Gear 4 ¬ę Bounce Man ¬Ľ also known as ¬ę Bound Man ¬Ľ
  • Monkey D. Luffy Gear 4 ¬ę Tankman ¬Ľ
  • Monkey D. Luffy Gear 4 ¬ę Snake Man ¬Ľ

We have already discussed all three of these forms in another post. If you want to know more about them click here. Well then, we were talking about Luffy’s height in his 4th gear.

Let’s start with the ¬ę Bounce Man ¬Ľ, we still don’t know the exact number but from what the manga suggests, Luffy grows almost twice as much as his actual height. He becomes just about 4 meters tall. In the picture below Doflamingo is 305 cm tall and we can see that Gear 4 Luffy is much taller than him

how tall is luffy compaired to doflamingo

How tall is Luffy Tankman ?

Here’s where it gets interesting. The Tankman isn’t all that different from The Bounce Man, the same can be said about the Snake Man form. Remember, all three of these forms are still considered the Gear 4 transformations. Still, Tankman is obviously taller than the others.¬†

Passing to this form, Luffy reaches heights never before reached and becomes visibly way taller and he dwarfs Crackers (307 cm) in this form. We can estimate its height around 18 feet tall at the minimum.

how tall is luffy tankman

How tall is Luffy Snakeman ?

However, the Snake Man looks a little slimmer than the other two forms, doesn’t it ? How about we compare Katakuri to Luffy’s 4th gear form “Snake Man” ? It would also give us the answer to the question :

How tall is Luffy compared to Katakuri ?

luffy katakuri height comparison

So Katakuri is about 509¬†cm tall. Luffy’s normal height is 174 cm¬†which means that Katakuri is about thrice as tall as Luffy’s normal height.

Even though there’s that much of a gap, when Luffy used his master card : Gear 4¬†Snake Man¬†there wasn’t that much of a difference in their heights.¬†He had grown on to be almost as tall as Katakuri, that’s why it is safe to assume that Luffy Snake Man is taller than¬†the Bounce Man form (which is about 4 meters) while Katakuri’s height is more than 5 meters. We can estimate the size of Luffy in this form at 460 cm (15 feets)

how tall is luffy snakeman

In fact, the Bounce Man is the shortest form out of all three of Luffy’s fourth gear transformations.

luffy snakeman hoodie

How tall is Nightmare Luffy ?

how tall is nightmare luffy

The only time that Luffy transformed into this form was during his battle against Oz. He did it by absorbing about 100 shadows. The color of his body changed and he expanded to become about six times as tall as an average person.

Of course, that’s only our personal deduction as the exact height was never revealed.

How tall are the Straw Hat Pirates ?

how tall are the straw hat pirates

Let’s discuss Luffy’s crew members as well as their heights.

1 – Roronoa Zoro

how tall is roronoa zoro

He was the first member to join the crew and used to be a bounty hunter, but right now he is the biggest pillar of Straw Hat pirates after Luffy. His dream is to become the greatest swordsman in the world.

As far as his physical appearance goes, he is about 181 cm tall. He is only about two or three inches taller than Luffy. Other than that, he always carries his three swords with him.

2 – Sanji

how tall is sanji

Vinsmoke Sanji, nicknamed “Black Leg” , is the cook of the Straw Hat crew. His dream is to find the legendary All Blue which is a sea¬†gathering all the fish from around the world.

Sanji is about 180 cm tall, he is the happy medium between Luffy and Zoro.

3 РNami

how tall is nami

Nami is the navigator of the Straw Hat pirates, her dream is to make a map of the entire world.

Nami is a slim young woman of average height with orange hair and brown eyes. She is 170 cm tall, that’s shorter than Luffy (Which is quite rare !)

4 РNico Robin

how tall is nico robin

Nico Robin is also known as the “Devil Child” and “the Light of revolution” She is the archeologist of the crew. In addition to that, she happens to be the only person in the world who can read poneglyphs, it is an ability that is considered forbidden as it is a big threat to the World government.

She is about 188 cm tall which makes her taller than both Luffy and Zoro. A tall and beautiful woman indeed.

5 – Usopp

how tall is usopp

Usopp is the sniper of the Straw Hat pirates, his dream is to become a great brave warrior.

Usopp is 176 cm tall which is 1 cm taller than Luffy.

6 – Chopper

how tall is chopper

Tony Tony Chopper is the Doctor of the Straw Hat crew. Chopper is a reindeer who ate Hito Hito no Mi, allowing him to transform into a human.

In his base form, Chopper is 90 cm tall which makes him the shortest member of the crew.

7 – Franky

how tall is franky

Franky, whose real name is Cutty Flam, is the carpenter for the Straw Hat pirates. Franky is a cyborg from Water 7.

Franky is 240 cm tall making him the 3rd tallest person on the crew.

8 – Brook

how tall is brook

Brook is also known as “Soul King” ate the devil fruit Yomi Yomi no Mi and is currently undead. His dream is to reunite with his old friend Laboon, after sailing throughout the world.

He is 277 cm tall, which makes him the 2nd tallest member of the crew.

9 РJinbei

how tall is jinbei

Jinbei also known as “The Knight of the sea” is a large blue whale shark fish man, he is the tallest member of the crew, he’s about 3 meters tall.

His dream is to fulfill his former captain Fisher Tiger dying wish of coexistence and equality between humans and fish men.

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Here you go ! Now you know more about Luffy’s height as well as One Piece’s Height standards in general.

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