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Who is Luffy’s Mom ?


Is there a specific reason why Oda hasn’t revealed Luffy’s mother yet ?

Let’s be honest here guys, whether you are a veteran fan who has been following One Piece ever since the late 90s or a passionate newbie who had just recently binged the entire series up to the latest episode. We have all been there !

At some point in our One Piece journey, we have all asked questions like these :

  •  Who is Luffy’s MomWho is Luffy Mother ?
  • Is Luffy’s Mom dead ?
  • Will Luffy mother be making an appearance in the series or not ?
  • What if Oda never planned on revealing Monkey D Luffy mother ?
  • What if Luffy is adopted and Dragon isn’t even his real father ?
  • Just who is Monkey D. Luffy’s mother in One Piece ?

You can probably imagine the irony of not knowing almost anything about the mother of Monkey D. Luffy from the last few questions. I ended up asking the same question twice :

Who is Luffy’s mom ?

who is luffy's mom


I can definitely empathize with you for asking or even thinking these questions. The truth is, even though it’s been over two decades since the name One Piece emerged on the surface of this world. We still don’t know much about :

« Who is Monkey D Luffy’s mother »

Monkey D. Luffy’s Mother hasn’t yet appeared officialy in the series. Oda was asked many questions about the mother of Monkey D. Luffy but his answer was a bit vague. What he said was that he is still thinking about her, however he did mention that Luffy’s mom is still alive and that he is still thinking about her character.

luffy mother

Now let’s take a look at the actual interview and see what exactly did Oda say and what does it mean, Here are his actual words :

 « I think she’s alive.
I’m still thinking hard about this. [Laughs]
But if she does appear in the story, then she’ll be a very tough-looking woman. And strict. There’s no way that she’s a beautiful mother. She’s got this typical middle-aged woman’s permed hair.
Speaking about families, I did a backstory for Nico Robin and her family. That was actually the first time for me to draw a mother in a character’s memory. Up until that point, I’d never drawn a blood relation.
In Chopper’s case, he’s called a son even though he’s not blood-related. So I’ve put in a message there saying that you can still call someone who’s not related by blood your family. »
Eiichiro Oda

Through this interview, we can clearly see that Oda mentioned the fact, he is still not sure about Luffy’s Mom.

who is monkey d luffy's mother

He still managed to give away a few hints, let’s see if they are of any help or not. So, he wants Luffy mother to be still alive and also doesn’t want her to look appealing or anything beautiful. Which seems pretty reasonable considering the fact how bizarre Luffy’s family already is.

We may not know about the mother Of Monkey D. Luffy but we still know who the other members of his family are. Every last one of them is some kind of a monster or mutant, so it’s only fair that Luffy mother also overlaps with them in one way or another.

one piece shirts

Can we deduce the personality of Luffy’s Mom by looking at his other family members ?

monkey d luffy mother

Let’s take a look at all of them individually and see if we can predict what kind of woman would Monkey D Luffy mother be.

Monkey D. Dragon

monkey d dragon

We already know that Luffy has never met his mother. So, it is fair to assume that Dragon left him and his mom behind and never turned back. That also explains why Luffy never thought much about his father, most of his life he didn’t even think if he had one.

Monkey D. Garp reveals Luffy father – Luffy’s dad

When Monkey D. Garp revealed that Dragon is Luffy’s father, everybody was shocked and confused including Luffy. This is to be expected because to think that the future Pirate King is the son of the most wanted man, who also happens to be the leader of the Revolutionary Army.

This sort of seems like a paradox ! Now if we look at it rationally, it also makes sense that Luffy might haven’t been born yet, when Dragon went off, leaving his family behind.

Former officer of the Revolutionary Army, Bartholomew Kuma mentions Dragon

Anyways, the former officer of the Revolutionary Army : Bartholomew Kuma stated Luffy’s personality and charisma in a few words :

« To find such loyal companions… your son is indeed amazing… Dragon.” 

bartholomew kuma goodies

Notice how he didn’t say…”Your son is just like you ?”

Well, he didn’t because Luffy’s appearance and personality is nothing like his father’s. So who do you think he got those from ?


Luffy’s mom is the one whom Luffy takes after, that’s why we shouldn’t jump to any conclusions regarding the personality of Luffy’s mom because the more we talk about, the more complex the topic becomes.

Portgas D. Ace

portgas d ace

We know guys how Ace isn’t Luffy’s blood relative but their connection can still help us deduce some valuable information.

For example, let’s consider how old was Luffy when he first met Ace ? A flashback was shown in the 493rd episode of the anime where both Luffy and Ace were shown to be picking their noses. This also makes it pretty obvious that Luffy and Ace had been brothers for quite a long time, I’d say, it happened right around when Luffy turned 7.

monkey d luffy mom

So that means Luffy’s mom wasn’t even around back then or else she would have popped up in Ace’s memories when he was about to die but she didn’t and Luffy doesn’t remember anything about her either which makes the existence of Luffy mother even vaguer,

If Luffy knew that Ace is Gol D Roger’s son then why couldn’t Ace recall anything about Luffy mother. It’s simple, it’s because he never saw or met Luffy’s mom and he never thought about who Luffy’s parents are either.

one piece ace goodies

Monkey D. Garp

monkey d garp

This particular guy is Luffy’s grandfather and he was the one who revealed the identity of Luffy’s father to him. However, be that as it may, even he never said a word about Luffy mother.

Now, we can make a few predictions here and there. Like, if Luffy mother left Luffy with his father when he was born and Dragon handed him over to Garp maybe before he left to pursue his own ideals.

So, does that mean, Luffy’s mom isn’t a nice woman ?

We can’t really say much about that either because if Oda had planned for something like this, he would have said so in his interview. However, if there is one thing that makes sense, it is the fact that Garp probably already knows who Monkey D Luffy mother is but he is choosing not to say anything.

Could it be that Oda is planning a subtle plot twist using the idea of the mother of Luffy ? We’ll look into a theory or two that are becoming very popular among fans. If you don’t want to read anything else, just skip the next two headings and go to the later section of this post.

Curly Dadan

curly dadan

This woman is Ace’s foster mother. We know that at one point she even took Luffy in her care. Before that, she seemed to be reluctant about the whole idea of taking care of Luffy because she already had her hands full with Ace but Garp forced her into it.

If there is one thing that we can take away from her then that is the fact that regardless of what she initially thought of Luffy, when Ace died, she was overwhelmed by emotions but even so she said that the one who would be the most affected by Ace’s death is his sworn brother Luffy.

Dadan vs Garp

She wouldn’t have made that statement if she didn’t know Luffy in and out. She even proudly declared that regardless of what Luffy chooses to do, she will always be on his side. Also, let’s just not forget that she is a close acquaintance of Garp. Be that as it may, she still never mentioned Luffy’s mom.

There are two possibilities that we can take away from this deduction, either she had heard about Luffy mother from Garp but she is still choosing not to say anything because of the exact same reason as why Garp isn’t doing so either or, she also knows nothing about Monkey D Luffy mother just like all of us in the anime community.

Sabo the Revolutionary

sabo one piece

Like Ace, Sabo is also Luffy’s sworn brother, they became brothers right around the same time as when Luffy was 7 years old so there’s not much information to take away from him, except the fact that he also remained under Curly Dadan’s care and he was a little hostile toward Luffy at first too.

sabo goodies

Who is the mother of Monkey D. Luffy ?

Let’s take a look at a few more things that Oda said at one point or another.

As discussed earlier, the mother of Monkey D. Luffy is still alive, Oda has already attested to that. Also, Oda is a very renowned manga author so it is obvious that he gets a lot of questions from fans.

One such question was sent by a 16 years old : « Oda! I have a serious question. Won’t you draw Luffy’s parents ? »

And sure enough, Oda did reply, he said that they have already been drawn and that they will appear in the next volume. This means that he will draw Luffy’s parents in volume 44. There we can see that he revealed his father in the 440th chapter (44th volume)

luffy's mom

In this image, we can clearly see that there is a man with an African hairstyle who also has a pair of glasses on. A little further into the image there is one more person, however his gender is not identifiable.

If we were to choose between if that person is male or female. Then female is what resonates in our mind.

After 150 chapters, in the chapter 593, those two characters were shown again. So why would Oda go through the trouble of drawing only those two characters again, is there a specific reason ? Could it be that person who looks like a female, is actually Monkey D Luffy mother ?

Probably not, Oda isn’t the kind of guy who would let such an important matter be explained so easily. That’s why I don’t think she is Luffy mother even though many fans endorse that theory.

So, even after all these deductions, we are back to the same question again :

Just who is Luffy’s mother in One Piece ? Could Monkey D. Luffy’s mother be Jewelry Bonney ? Well, let’s talk about it.

Jewelry Bonney Luffy Mother

jewelry bonney luffy mother

This theory is ridiculous.

Jewelry Bonney is about 24 to 25 years old, she is a pirate with her own crew and she is also one of the 12 pirates of the Worst Generation. So, she is not the mother of Luffy. Or rather…SHE CAN’T BE LUFFY’S MOM !

That’s why, the people who started this theory, probably did as a joke or maybe to troll the fans who still don’t know Jewelry Bonney’s age. So once again, we are back to the question : Who is Monkey D. Luffy mother ?

Brace yourself guys, we are about to touch one of the most bizarre theories regarding this matter.

Im Sama – Luffy’s mom ?

one piece luffy mom

What if… or rather WHAT IF by some chance Im-Sama is Luffy’s mother. I know that not everyone would stick around after hearing such a ridiculous statement but guess what ? There are many fans who actually believe that Im Sama is Luffy’s mother.

They are not doing it as a troll, they simply believe this theory to be true and they are the kind of guys who can’t ignore what they believe so it might be worth looking into this matter, you know, just to be sure !

luffy bounty poster

Im Sama is the practical definition of hype. She just recently made her debut in the 885th episode of the anime and the manga chapter 906. If Dragon is the leader of the Revolutionary Army then Im Sama is the leader of the World Government.

Im-sama, the leader of the World Government

See, on the surface, both of them are supposed to be the opposite poles of a magnet but it is also true that opposite poles attract each other so let’s talk about it a little more.

Im Sama is a person whose existence is kept hidden from the rest of the world for some unknown reason but the fact that the Five Elders (Gorosei) were shown to bow down to Im Sama is saying something. If we are talking about appearances here then Im sama is as mysterious as anything could be.

Im Sama seems like a human with killer red eyes, this kind of appearance makes it difficult to tell if Im Sama is male or female.

As far as Im Sama’s interest goes, we know that Im Sama had the posters of Monkey D. Luffy, Marshall D. Teach, Shirahoshi, and Nefertari Vivi. Out of these four posters, Luffy and Blackbeard’s seem to be torn apart, Shirahoshi’s poster has a dagger on it and Vivi’s poster is the only one that hasn’t been scathed yet.

im sama

Im Sama’s power and abilities haven’t been revealed yet but Im-Sama is the person who sits on the empty throne and even the Five Elders (Gorosei) bow down to Im-Sama. This makes it clear that if we are talking about who has the official authority of the entire world then it is Im sama. She has the power to decide who lives and who dies.

So even after reading and understanding all of this, if there is someone who believes that Im Sama is Luffy’s mother then they are probably saying that as a troll, AND NOTHING MORE !

However, if Oda still decides to go along with this route than the whole plot of One Piece is going to blow up and we would have to forget about living long enough to see the ending. In One Piece, Luffy’s mom is a fundamental component of the story, even if Oda isn’t giving any clear answers. Because there is an under spoken fact that when a certain plot point isn’t highlighted for a long time, it is probably because the author wants to reveal something big with that point.

Is Luffy’s Mom a Celestial Dragon ?

one piece luffy mother

Now this theory makes an awful lot of sense and it is also the most believable out of them all, because if Luffy mother is a celestial dragon than there are many reasons why she isn’t appearing in the series.

Maybe, Garp fought his son once and in the battle, Luffy’s mother also tried to step in. Garp did some immense damage to her and now she is too injured to come out anytime soon.

Of course, this isn’t the only possibility. Let’s just look at what the Celestial dragons are supposed to be like before jumping to conclusions because even Im-Sama can be considered a Celestial Dragon. They are all world nobles after all.

Yes, they are world nobles, but they are still hated by the masses. Consider what Eustass’ kid said about them :

« World Nobles… Slaves… Human shops…
Against the “purity” of these “upper classes”,
the villains of the world look positively humane in comparison.
It’s because the world’s in the hands of scum like them that it’s all screwed to hell… I mean, we’re not the nicest of guys, but at least we’re honest about it »

See. Not many people want to involve themselves with the Celestial Dragons because they are considered to be a bunch of overpowered oppressors. So, if Luffy’s mom is one of these Celestial dragons and she had a son with Dragon then it is fair to assume that she faked her death or something and then hid somewhere in order to save Luffy, and Dragon also helped her in that.

Even then, the other Celestial dragons found out about her and they even managed to get hold of her. This could mean that she is in prison somewhere, and saving her is one of the reasons why Dragon became the leader of the Revolutionary Army.

The Youtuber Tekking101 (504k subscribers) made a video about the theory of Luffy’s mom, make sure to have a look at it.

One Piece Luffy Mom – Theory

So in One Piece, the mother of Luffy can be a Celestial Dragon. It isn’t as far fetched as considering Im Sama to be the one and it isn’t as bleak as considering 24 year old Jewelry or some random girl in the background to be the one.


We have discussed many different point that were both ridiculous and sensible, about the topic :

One Piece Luffy Mom

So let’s summarize the important points. In One Piece: Monkey D Luffy mom is still alive and she is not supposed to be a beautiful or appealing person, as stated by Oda. She would be a tough looking and strict woman, who has this middle aged woman vibe around her.

Then we discussed the five most prominent members of Luffy’s family to see if there is any valuable information that we can take away from them and Garp seemed to be the only one who could be of any help. He was the one who revealed the identity of Luffy’s father but he still didn’t reveal anything about who Luffy mother is, and nobody ever asked him.

one piece who is luffy's mother

We talked about how there was this instance when Oda got a question about whether he’ll be drawing Luffy’s parents? He said yes and even showed both Dragon and Garp in the next volume (Volume 44) But he didn’t show Luffy’s mom.

We also discussed some fan theories that sometimes seemed ridiculous and sometimes made a little sense, like is Luffy mother the woman who was shown to be standing in the same ship as Dragon or is she Jewelry who is still 24 years old. Perhaps Im-Sama is the one…No way !

That brought us the final and most sensible conclusion, the mother of Monkey D. Luffy is actually a celestial dragon and there could be many reasons why she hasn’t been revealed yet. Be that as it may, we can always count on Oda to show us incredible plot twists again and again and we are sure that this time will be no different.

That’s all folks ! We hope that you like our article about Luffy’s mom. If you are interested by some One Piece Hoodie, make sure to have a look to our hoodie collection !

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