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when will one piece end

When Will One Piece End ?


One Piece started as a manga in July 1997, and was adapted into an anime in October 1999. For a series that long, One Piece still shocks the world by having a diehard fanbase that is actively consuming the manga, anime and its merchandise even decades later.

For a series that has been continuing for so long, it is only natural that the fans want to know when is One Piece ending. The answer to this was never given and fans had to rely on theories and speculation as to when the series would finally come to an end. And those that aren’t fans often ask ‘did One Piece end ?’ only to learn that the series is still going strong.

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When is One Piece Ending ?

when is one piece ending

However, that changed in August last year as Eiichiro Oda, the series’ creator himself, told a famous Japanese YouTuber that fans will see the One Piece ending soon. Not only that but Oda also clarified that it will be ending in the next 5 years.

This statement left fans in shock, as they did not expect to finally have an estimate of the story’s remaining length. Some fans even assumed it is not true, and that it could be an attempt at promotion. After all, for a franchise with around 979 manga chapters, 929 anime episodes, and fourteen feature films, One Piece ending soon is a fact hard to digest.

Will One Piece Never End ? The answer is in the interview

Fortunately, this was further clarified by the editor of One Piece, Naito. In another interview also in 2019, Naito stated that while he believes One Piece has too much content left to be ended in just 5 years – Oda said he’d end it within that time with certainty, so Naito believes it is possible that he might rush the pacing and end it in a few years.

Naito the editor in charge of One Piece

one piece ending

With these confirmations, it is far from confusing that Oda indeed plans to end One Piece in the next 5 years in all seriousness and since he gave that interview sometime around August 2019, it would mean that the series would see an end in late 2024. So that answers when will One Piece end for good.

It should be kept in mind that the 5 years countdown is for the manga, as the anime is many chapters behind. The most recent One Piece manga chapter released in volume form is 979, whereas the most recent episode released in anime form is 929. So, fans of the anime will have episodes to watch for much longer than 5 years even if the manga ends in 2024.

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5 years may not be too soon for a different anime or manga to end in general but considering that One Piece has been around since 1997, 5 years becomes a short time in comparison to seeing the end to such a long-running franchise that is full of quality.

However let’s not forget when Oda told the fans in 2010 that there is still 10 years of One Piece. Here we are in 2020 and Oda announces that there is still 5 more years. 1 year from Oda equals 3 years in the real world 😂.

did one piece end

Is One Piece Ending ? How much of One Piece is left in terms of story and chapters ?

is one piece ending

According to Naito in the interview from last year, Oda has stated that the currently on-going Wano arc is closely related to the ending of One Piece. It will have flashbacks of the legendary adventure of Roger and even contribute to the secret of what the One Piece treasure is.

Fans have been spending day and night calculating how much of One Piece is left, and the most commonly agreed-upon result is that One Piece most likely has one short and one long arc after the Wano arc ends.

This leaves us with an estimate of around 1150 chapters by late 2024, keeping the usual delays and breaks in mind. And of course, unexpected circumstances such as the Covid-19 pandemic can always delay the One Piece ending further.

However, the latest news about One Piece suggest that the editors and Oda would like to end One Piece in just over 100 volumes. The latest volume available is the volume 96, available in Japan since April 3rd 2020.

one piece ending soon

Some are afraid that due to the expansive world established by the manga in all these years, it will be impossible to not rush the storyline, to finish it in such a short time. There is the current arc, the fact there will be at least two more arcs after it and all the story elements such as Laugh Tale side of things, as well as the World Government ones have to be dealt with to give a satisfying One Piece ending.

But many have faith in Oda, as he has not disappointed fans even once in the incredibly long run of One Piece, and believe that whether it ends in 10 years or just 5, it will not be poorly written and deliver an ending that they are happy with.

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Has One Piece Ended ? Where is the story right now ?

has one piece ended

Now that we have discussed when it would end and how long it will be, let’s get into the spoilers and talk about where the story is at right now.

To do a quick recap, spoilers for the upcoming next chapter of the One Piece manga have Kaido hoping to boost his alliance with Big Mom, the Flying Six going on a battle against the Calamities and Yamato potentially running into Luffy. Lastly, Kanjuro might save Momonosuke after remembering his old loyalty to Oden.

Meanwhile, the preview of the upcoming episode of the One Piece anime showed us that Luffy has begun a fight against the guards of the Udon prison, and a gigantic person with Queen flags is approaching Udon with a crew of people. There’s also speculation that the old man Luffy helped in prison is Boss Hyogoro which would open door to a lot of possibilities for the future of the Wano arc.

It is estimated that the story is about 70% complete as of now, which also points to the reality of One Piece ending soon.

How will One Piece End ?

how will one piece end

We can see that both the manga and the anime are far from finished and we can safely predict a lot of things about the story in the future, as well as the fated One Piece ending.

First of all, it is obvious that to be satisfying, the ending needs to wrap up several important plot points. Some of the most notable bits include the fact Zoro still needs to defeat Mihawk and Shanks still has not reunited with Luffy ever since the time-skip happened. And most importantly, Marshall D. Teach, who happens to be equivalent to Blackbeard in One Piece, has been sidelined for a while ever since the time-skip happened. He will inevitably return and it might be one of the biggest fights of Luffy and his crew.

It is also very obvious that the Straw Hats crew will find the One Piece treasure and finally learn what it is and that cannot happen without a major fight taking place sooner or later. Although with ‘whom’, is a difficult question to answer because One Piece has an incredibly large list of characters and continues to introduce more and more as the story goes on. It could even be an all-out battle between the strongest crews and the World Government, for all we know.

will one piece ever end

While we already know when is One Piece ending, this is all that we can predict so far through analyzing the end of One Piece with the content we are currently given, and it is safe to say that in time we will have a more concrete idea of how One Piece will end.

Did One Piece End ?

did one piece end

No, One Piece is still in the process of being published but we can estimate that the story is about 70% complete as of now. Sooner or late One Piece will end and as a die hard fans, we should prepare for that moment 😭.

Luffy dies at the end of One Piece ?

luffy dies at the end of one piece

Nobody can affirm that, however we know that people who have the D. in their names will live a life full of twists.


What is your opinion about the end of One Piece ? Will One Piece end soon ? Will Luffy dies at the end ? Tell us in the comments below !

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