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top 10 strongest devil fruits

The 10 Strongest Devil Fruits – 2020


In One Piece (which is unsurprisingly still ongoing) there are Devil Fruits that give supernatural powers, abilities and genetic modification to characters.
In Naruto, Dragon Ball, My Hero Academia and other shonen anime, characters have supernatural powers unique to themselves. The same isn’t the case with this anime, in One Piece there are devil fruits that grant the consumer special abilities.

So, basically almost all of the One Piece characters are like powerless  like Midoriya before devouring a Devil Fruit.
The following list contains the 10 most overpowered devil fruits and their users regardless of the type the fruit falls in (Zoan, Paramecia, Logia).

Here are the strongest Devil Fruits in One Piece.

Let’s jump into one of the Hottest topics regarding One Piece !

10- Doku Doku No Mi (Magellan)

magellan one piece
The Venom-Venom fruit (The current user “Magellan” makes his anime debut on episode 425 )
It is a deadly and troublesome fruit that falls in the paramecia category, it allows the user to create and control various forms of poison at will. The user himself is immune to all kinds of poison (He does get diarrhea by consuming them, which can be considered a weakness) The user can also cover himself up in poison, and anyone who touches him gets poisoned by default.

Magellan Awakening : Venom Demon:

Magellan utilizes this power with versatility, most of the time he only needs to breath to put others in their place.
His signature technique is Hydra in which he makes a three headed dragon from poison (Liquid) and manipulates it at will. He can also transport himself by using poison. Fire seems to be the thing that has a neutralizing effect against poison.

9- Ope Ope No Mi (Trafalgar Law)

ope ope no mi anime
The Op-Op fruit (The word Op here means operation). A paramecia type that enables the user to create a spherical room where he can alter the placement and orientation of the matter inside, even modify a person’s personality. To make it more clear, the user can do anything from anything he has inside the room, and thus the room becomes the user’s domain.

“As long as you’re within Law’s circle, consider yourself a patient on the operating table.”

The current user Trafalgar Law makes his anime debut on episode 392.

trafalgar law goodies

The only visible weakness is that it’s powers are only limited to the spherical area, if the target escapes the area they are no longer affected by its powers. It was also taken into consideration that if the user of this devil fruit was a doctor, he could do any surgery or operation to save anybody’s life and do something noble instead of taking out the hearts of a 100 soldiers.

The Ope Ope No Mi was scheduled to be sold for 5,000,000,000 Berrys.

Trafalgar Law All Techniques :

8- Ito Ito No Mi (Donquixote Doflamingo) :

ito ito no mi anime
The String-String fruit. A paramecia type devil fruit which allows the user to manipulate strings. The user can literally do anything he wants with the strings.
The current user is Donquixote Doflamingo who made his anime debut on episode 151.

He can make a complete clone of himself, he can fly by attaching his strings to clouds or buildings. He can control people and he was able to take control of an entire country overnight by doing that. Also by usging Haki, the strings become even more powerful if they weren’t deadly enough already. And then of course there’s the “Bird Cage“, where he uses the strings to make a cage of strings around a certain area and then compress it.

doflamingo goodies

Not only the strings can be used in any possible way, they are super strong. They can easily cut through rocks and giant objects just like swords. There is no limit to what the user can do with those strings. On top of that, the strings are so thin that it is almost impossible to see them.

Donquixote Doflamingo All Techniques :

7- Mera Mera No Mi ( previously : Portgas D. Ace, currently : Sabo) :

mera mera no mi anime
The Flame-Flame fruit. A logia type that allows the user to create, manipulate and transform into fire at will. The user can withstand high temperatures, and can also harness the kinetic force of physical attacks. The main offensive power is to create devastating attack that involve a lot of fire. Since, it is a Logia type. The user can transform into fire to avoid physical attacks as they would just pass through fire.

sabo goodies

Portgas D. Ace Techniques :

The Devil Fruit was eaten by Sabo after the previous user Ace died.

Though this fruit seems very powerful, it pales in comparison to Magu Magu no mi which allows the user to control magma. Magma can vaporize water and even icebergs in an instant but the Mera Mera No Mi lacks that kind of destructive fire power. Magma can disintegrate even substances like rock easily but fire would take a lot of time to do even a fraction of damage.

Sabo eat the Mera Mera No Mi :

6- Zushi Zushi No Mi (Admiral Fujitora) :

zushi zushi no mi
The Gravity-Gravity fruit. A paramecia type that allows the user to control gravity at will. The current user Admiral Fujitora also known as Issho made his anime debut on episode 631.

Being able to manipulate gravity means that the user can create strong gravitational forces which are most of the time quite difficult to withstood by the opponents. He usually likes using his sword to create those forces.

Not only that, he can also reverse the effect of gravity to repel all attacks that come his way. His powers are limited to the area he chooses to use them in. Other than that there are no limits to what he can do with Gravity but if the user gets attacked, his powers also get disrupted.

Admiral Fujitora shows his Power :

5- Goro Goro No Mi (Enel) :

eneru one piece
The Rumble-Rumble fruit. This Logia type devil fruit allows the user to create, control, and transform into lightning at will. It can shock its target with any amount of voltage (Max. : 200,000,000 volts). The user can travel at the speed of lightning and can also merge himself into solid matter like gold but insulators are his weakness.
The current user Enel makes his anime debut on episode 155.
He can pass through most of the attacks by becoming lightning itself as the type is Logia. This devil fruit is similar to the Pika Pika No Mi (Light is however faster than lightning) but the speed of lightning is still 220, 000,000 mph which already makes Enel the invincible Lightning user.

Enel all attacks :

However, Luffy who’s devil fruit makes him an insulator can punch and kick Enel.

4- Magu Magu No Mi (Admiral Akainu) :

sakazuki gif
The Magma-Magma fruit. This devil fruit also falls in the category of Logia and as from its name it allows the user to create, control and manipulate magma at will. The one who currently possesses the latent abilities of this devil fruit is the actual Fleet Admiral Sakazuki also known as Admiral Akainu. He made his anime debut on episode 463.

akainu hoodie
He uses the magma by transforming his fist into magma and charging straight ahead with a punch, kind of like Endeavor from My Hero Academia but this time with Magma. The offensive power of this fruit cannot be underestimated, this fruit is probably the one with most offensive power among all devil fruits. Akainu also states how he was able to Kill Ace who has similar abilities.

Eiichiro Oda himself said that Akainu’s devil fruit possesses the strongest strike force of all the different devil fruits. As a fan, we’re very excited to discover Akainu’s strongest attack !

“ Our powers are in a relationship of superiority! ”

(Admiral Akainu)

Admiral Sakazuki All Attacks :

3- Pika Pika No Mi (Admiral Kizaru) :

pika pika no mi
The Glint-Glint fruit. This Logia type fruit is the opposite of another devil fruit called the Yami Yami No Mi (Dark-Dark fruit) as it allows the user to create, control, and turn into light at will. The user can move at the speed of light which is 670,616,629 mph, (you can go around the earth 7.5 times in a single second by that speed) and he can also transport himself by using reflection (Just like light)
The current user is Borsalino (Admiral Kizaru) who made his anime debut on episode 401.

kizaru hoodie

He can kick ass at the speed of light, shoot lasers and pass through attacks by becoming light itself. This fruit’s user is the fastest in the entire series even faster than the Goro Goro No Mi as there is a difference between speed of light and lightning.

Kizaru vs Marco :

Kicking or launching laser beams at the speed of light can pose immense destructible force capable of annihilating any human in an instant. On top of that he can also produce a light saber to do even more damage.

2- Gura Gura No Mi (Whitebeard) :

gura gura no mi gif
The Tremor-Tremor fruit. A Paramecia type devil fruit which allows the user to create tremors, quakes, shockwaves to disrupt any medium. He can even control the air. This devil fruit is so powerful that it can even be used to destroy the world.

“ It may very well be us that meet our end here today… Because that man… HOLDS THE POWER TO DESTROY THE WORLD !!! ”

(Fleet Admiral Sengoku)

Whitebeard Devil Fruit Showcase :

But because of it’s overwhelming power it can also be considered as the ultimate double edged sword. It can even hurt the user himself if he is not careful enough.

whitebeard goodies

1- Yami Yami No Mi (Marshall D. Teach) :

blackbeard 2 devil fruits gif
The Dark-Dark fruit. A Logia type devil fruit that is considered the most evil of them all, certainly befitting of an over powered villain. The current user Marshall D. Teach (Blackbeard) stole it from the  previous 2nd fleet commander of the Whitebeard Pirates by murdering him.
It allows the user to create, control, and transform into darkness at will. He can nullify the powers of other devil fruits with darkness if they come in contact with him and he can also control the gravity. As the user himself said :

“ Darkness is gravity! It swallows everything around it… even light itself can’t escape!… Its power is infinite! ”
(Marshall D. Teach)

blackbeard goodies

If this user has any weakness than that would be it can attract anything toward itself. Including the attacks from other devil fruit users which can make their attacks even more powerful. This is the Ultimate Devil Fruit as there are no limits to what darkness can do.

 Blackbeard kills Thatch to steal his Devil Fruit :

On the death of Whitebeard, it’s former user. Black beard stole it’s powers and is now the strongest devil fruit user with 2 Devil Fruits in his possession.

Blackbeard becomes the first Human to obtain 2 Devil Fruits :

Conclusion :

What do you think of this top and what is your favorite devil fruit in One Piece ? Tell us in the comments below !

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