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is luffy a yonko

Is Luffy a Yonko ?


UPDATE 2023: YES! Luffy became a Yonko and his bounty increased to 3,000,000 Berrys.

Yonko (Emperor of the sea)

one piece yonko

These people are the ones who have gained the fear and respect of the world to the point that the world has accepted them as the Yonko. No doubt, they stand as the strongest pirates of the world. While there isn’t an official ceremony or protocol by which they get recognized as Yonko, it’s just that their power and influence had grown so much that the world is left with no choice but to recognize them.

During the battle of Marineford, it took both the Marines and the Warlords to stand up to a single Yonko, Whitebeard and his crew. Later, when Shanks arrived, there was an instant ceasefire. That just shows how much power and impact these individuals hold. Pekoms explains the strength of the Yonkos in the following words :

« A threat…a demand… when issued by one with absolute, overwhelming power becomes simply inevitable fate…after all, who could possibly oppose it ? That is the existence known as the Yonko ! And this is what it means to be driven to your very wit’s end…! »

yonko wanted posters

While Kaido and Big Mom used their strength to enforce their names, Blackbeard did it by taking out an already well renowned Yonko. Whitebeard and Shanks used their compassion and Charisma to build their names.

Now let’s get back to Luffy. As we already know, it was the 878th episode of One Piece in which Luffy was quoted as a Yonko. The title ofthe episode was :

The World is Stunned! The Fifth Emperor of the Sea Emerges !

It was on the newspaper that Luffy was recognized as the fifth Yonko to the world and the one behind that newspaper was of course Morgan. Still, Morgan wouldn’t have made such a big statement without some evidence to back it up and that evidence is all the things that Luffy has accomplished so far. Those accomplishments were what lead to Morgan finally presenting Luffy to the world as Yonko Luffy (Emperor Luffy).

Luffy 5th Emperor :

What makes Luffy the 5th Yonko ?

yonko luffy

Let’s take a look at all of Luffy’s accomplishments so far. Luffy has defeated three Warlords of the sea, Doflamingo, Gecko Moria, and Crocodile. He had made allies with six of them who include Trafalgar Law, Crocodile, Boa Hancock, Buggy, Jinbei and Kuma.

Among them, Jinbe even went on to join the Straw hat pirates. As for the Straw hat pirates, Luffy commands a group of strong individuals with astonishingly high bounty values with Luffy’s bounty value being the highest (1.5 billion 😱 !).

He has a following of 7 well established pirate crews as well as 5000 members. All of them are collectively called as the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.

luffy 5th yonko

Furthermore, Luffy continues to make friends and allies wherever he goes. This quality of his was even praised by Mihawk at the battle of Marineford.

Mihawk realizes Luffy’s power

mihawk goodies

Taking World Government into account, Luffy is the only one who has invaded all three of the major facilities of the World Government.

He launched a full scale attack on Ennies Lobby which resulted in its complete destruction. In the history of the prison, there has been only one mass breakout. It was done by Luffy and his fellows at the Impel Down.

luffy fifth yonko

He also participated in the Paramount War considering how he is from the worst generation of pirates. In that war, he ended up facing off with three admirals, a few other warlords of the sea including the World’s Greatest Swordsman, Mihawk. Throughout the war, Luffy remained a major highlight. Indeed, he achieved an incredible amount of glory that substantially contributed to his growth as the main character.

luffy fifth emperor

Furthermore, there’s also Luffy’s name recognition that makes him stand out. How he is the son of the most wanted man in the world, Monkey D. Dragon who happens to be the leader of the Revolutionary Army. How he is the grandson of Monkey D. Garp, who is the greatest hero of the Marines to have ever lived. The brother of Ace, who is the son of the former Pirate King, Gol D. Roger.

luffy family

These are only a few things that make him look fearsome but when you put them all together it becomes awfully apparent that the concept of “Luffy the 5th Yonko” isn’t as stupid as it initially seemed to be.

luffy goodies

Is Luffy a Yonko now ?

luffy becomes a yonko

Yes, Luffy is a Yonko.

Not in terms of strength but in Charisma and his ability to make friends wherever he goes and as far as the matter of strength goes, he is only going to grow stronger and stronger.

His goal is to find the treasure called the One Piece and become the next Pirate King. So it is only natural that he would have to become stronger or rather more influential than all of the other Yonko, if he wants to achieve that goal.

While Luffy 5th Yonko status was made public. The other Yonko had a subjective reaction to this news. Kaido, the king of the beasts became furious, Big Mom got infuriated by seeing that the article portrayed Luffy as if he had won against her right hand-man.

Blackbeard thought that it is still too soon for Luffy to be a Yonko. However, when Shanks saw the newspaper. He smiled and said to himself that he’ll be seeing Luffy soon enough.

Luffy fifth Emperor : 

Meanwhile, Luffy was crying over how his bounty has decreased to 1.5 Million 😂. After a few minutes of his constant tantrum, Brook picks up the newspaper and realizes that the bounty has actually increased and it has increased to 1.5 Billion berries.

luffy the 5th emperor

That bounty alone puts right next to the other Yonko. He is currently at the 7th spot when it comes to highest known bounties, the ones above him are the other Yonko, including Whitebeard and Gol D. Roger.


luffy yonko

We hope that you liked this article about Yonko Luffy, with his charisma and his ability to make friends everywhere he goes, Yonko Luffy will be the next Pirate King ! Tell us in the comments below if you think that he deserves to be called “Luffy the 5th Yonko“.

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