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luffy's dad

Luffy’s Dad


Looking at how legendary Monkey D. Luffy is, it’s only natural for us to assume he has a legend to live up to himself. Which brings us to the question: who is Luffy’s dad ? We have all found ourselves asking that question, and Eiichiro Oda does not bring up the topic of Luffy’s father very often!

  • What happened to Luffy’s father ?
  • Who is the father of Monkey D Luffy ?
  • Did Luffy meet his father ?
  • Will Luffy ever meet his father ?
  • What does Luffy’s father look like ?
  • Is Luffy’s dad alive?

These are some of the most common questions you can hear when it comes to the One Piece fandom, and not everyone knows the right answers. Today, we will get into the depth of the mystery which is the father of Luffy himself, and look at everything we know about him !

Luffy’s Relationship with his Family

monkey d family

Before we get into who is Luffy’s dad as a person in the world of One Piece, let’s take a look at what he means to Luffy as a father.

Monkey D. Luffy never met his father while growing up, and because of never having him in his life, Luffy is indifferent about the existence of his father. He never asked his grandfather Garp about his father and knew almost nothing about him for many years. He never tried to learn about his father’s identity and never tried to find him either.

one piece garp tells luffy about his father

Luffy’s father, on the other hand, seems to stay updated on his son’s adventures. While not something showed commonly, it has been established that he is accepting of Luffy’s decision as a pirate and expects him to do great things with his life. He is shown to be somewhat proud of the fact that his son is always caught up in different adventures and fights in his life as a pirate, and has no problem with people knowing he is Luffy’s father.

Poor Luffy has never met his mother either and was raised by his grandfather Monkey D. Garp, with whom he shares a relationship of admiration, fear, and respect. Garp always wished that Monkey D. Luffy grows up to be a very strong Marine just like himself, and due to this he would train him with very tough methods. Such as leaving him in dangerous forests, throwing him off heights, beating him in fights, and other similar things. This has caused Luffy to fear Garp a little bit, but at the same time they share a strong bond and often laugh and joke around together.

luffy mom and dad

When Luffy revealed that he wants to be a pirate and not a Marine, his grandfather Garp was disappointed. However, he still respects Luffy’s choice to be a pirate and even feels happy and proud to hear of his exploits, something that often annoys his fellow Marines as they are the sworn enemies of pirates.

Since Monkey D. Garp is a Marine, he would often have to be away from Luffy as he would be busy in his job. In those moments, he left Luffy in the care of Curly Dadan, a local bandit who took care of him and helped him grow. Garp would often visit Luffy on holidays and other times when he has to be back home, and then they would spend some quality time together.

curly dadan

Curly Dadan was originally reluctant to take Luffy in and raise him but she eventually became warm towards his presence due to Luffy’s lack of fear and the ability to do any challenge presented to him. This caused her to care for him in the later years and when Ace died, she even begged him not to let the pain make him give up.

Luffy also grew attached to her, as he asked her and her family to see her off as he went on his pirate journey. He told her that he likes her and this causes her to cry. Even as Luffy is away, she stays updated on his adventures and gets overjoyed whenever he accomplishes something new.

Who is Luffy’s Dad ?

who is luffy's dad

Now we’re at the moment of truth – just who is the father of Luffy ?

Monkey D Luffy’s father is the infamous Supreme Commander of the Revolutionary Army, called Monkey D. Dragon. He is blood-related to both Monkey D. Garp and Monkey D. Luffy and left Luffy in the care of Garp so that he can embark on a journey to overthrow the cruel World Government. While the mystery of Luffy’s mother is never solved, we get to see Luffy’s father revealed quite early in the series.

We wrote an article on who could possibly be Luffy’s mother, make sure to have a look at it.

Luffy’s dad Monkey D. Dragon has never met his son and Luffy does not even know anything about his existence. So, the answer to the question : « did Luffy meet his father » is, unfortunately, a no. However, unlike Luffy who didn’t know his father, Monkey D. Dragon knows everything about his son. Ivankov, a person part of his crew, even noticed that he often looks at the East Blue side of the world from their base, which is were Luffy used to live.

one piece luffy father

Luffy and Monkey D. Dragon had never been in the same place at the same time until he reaches Loguetown and starts losing the fight to Smoker, a Marine officer. Suddenly, the father of Luffy comes next to Smoker as he is attacking Luffy, and saves his son’s life. This gives Luffy the chance to escape, and he uses the opportunity to set sail and runs away.

Monkey D. Dragon saves Luffy from Smoker

As Luffy leaves, unknown to him, his father says “If that’s your decision, then go !” referring to Luffy’s dreams of being the Pirate King. While Luffy’s grandfather still appreciates his growth as a pirate, he wishes he was a Marine. On the other hand, Luffy’s dad is more directly approving of his choice since he is an outlaw himself.

While Monkey D. Dragon looks like an extremely intimidating person and strikes fear in the hearts of those around him – he is an empathetic person. The entire reason he wishes to overthrow the World Government is that he cannot stand how they treat the weak and unfortunate with cruelty. That is why he is the leader of the revolution and wishes to change all of this one day.

one piece luffy dad

At one point, he also established that he believes he and Luffy will finally meet face to face one day and looks forward to that happening.

Luffy learns about his father – Garp tells luffy about his father

Despite being saved by his father, Luffy did not know much about what happened nor the fact that he ran into his father in Loguetown. Luffy meets his grandfather and finally Garp reveals Luffy father to him. At first, Garp thinks Luffy finds out who his father is after being saved by him in Loguetown but Luffy is in complete confusion and has no idea what his grandfather is talking about.

After this, Garp tells Luffy about his father directly, telling him that he is the son of Monkey D. Dragon. Luffy is completely confused but his entire crew and every single Marine around the area turn white in complete shock and the Straw Hats are even more surprised at the fact Luffy knows nothing about the legendary Monkey D. Dragon who is said to be the world’s most dangerous criminal.

luffy father revealed

Luffy remains indifferent to both the knowledge of his father’s existence and who he is, despite most people around him treating him differently from that point on, some out of fear and some out of respect. This marked the first time in One Piece’s history that Garp tells Luffy about his father and also the first time Luffy learns anything about his father at all. Unfortunately, despite being in the same place, they never truly ‘met’ or saw eye to eye.

Luffy finally got to see his father’s face later on for the first time when he saw a picture of him when researching the fact Blackbeard attacked the base of the Revolutionary Army once and his response to that was that he looks nothing like his father.

One Piece Luffy Father – Luffy sees his father’s face for the first time

So, even though Garp tells Luffy about his father, Luffy takes no interest in him and remains indifferent to the knowledge and does not even care about the fact he is the world’s most dangerous criminal. Not only that but Luffy even barely keeps any interest in what his grandfather Garp does, only having a vague idea of what his job is like.

Luffy only seems to care about what people mean to his personal life and his goals of becoming the Pirate King, and ignores the personal professions of those close to him. Regardless, whether Luffy cares or not, it does not change the fact even some enemies see him as a bigger threat than before, hoping he does not become as powerful and influential as his father.

luffy's father one piece

 Luffy father revealed at Marineford

Luffy’s family is indeed very powerful and extremely influential to the world of One Piece. The very first thing you can point out is the fact their names carry the mysterious ‘Will of D.’ in their names, such as Monkey D. Garp, Monkey D. Dragon, Monkey D. Luffy, and even Portgas D. Ace – who is not related by blood but still carries the Will of D like Luffy and his family.

Secondly, they are all extremely powerful and influence the world of One Piece greatly through their adventures. Monkey D. Garp, Luffy’s grandfather, is the Vice Admiral of the Marines and is both extremely famous and powerful. Despite being a grandfather and old of age, he can still fight with great strength. Not only that but he was also offered the rank of Admiral but he refuses to accept it and remains Vice Admiral instead.

father luffy

Monkey D. Dragon, Luffy’s dad, is the leader of the Revolutionary Army that seeks to overthrow the World Government and the cruelty it stands for and is feared as the world’s most dangerous criminal and also one of the strongest living beings in the universe of One Piece. His name alone strikes fear in the hearts of people and the fact Luffy is his son makes people afraid of picking a fight with him too, both because Luffy has the potential to be as strong as his father and because they fear his father might come to rescue him again as he did before in Loguetown.

Monkey D. Luffy, is one of the most legendary pirates of his time and wants to be the Pirate King and it’s safe to say that by the end of the story he will manage to become one, too. He and his crew have constantly changed governments and fought battles that changed the world around them, and have gathered a massive reputation. Not only that, but Luffy alone has a bounty of 1,500,000,000 Berries on his head, which is a very big achievement.

All three of the people in this bloodline are notorious and effortlessly make a name for themselves in the world of One Piece. While Ace was not as ambitious, he was still one of the strongest and honorable people and was a part of Whitebeard’s crew.

Monkey D. Dragon Power

monkey d dragon power

Monkey D. Dragon is a name that strikes fear in not only the hearts of those who he opposes but also small-time pirates who hope they never have to run into him. Four of his commanders have gone on to fight 2 admirals and he trusted them enough to be able to win the fight without having to participate himself. It is without a doubt that he is even stronger than his commanders so that itself is a big statement. He has the authority over a powerful paramilitary that is large enough to fight the One Piece world’s strongest and combined military.

His individual combat abilities and powers are not that well known as he is essentially a mysterious character but most of his high-in-command officers can fight some of the strongest people in the government and Marine. Dragon was able to grab Smoker’s jitte and stop him right in the moment, which is no easy task and Luffy was being easily overpowered at that moment by his enemy.

Monkey D. Dragon seems to have control over large, strong blasts of wind and use them like a storm to achieve his goals, and lightning sometimes follows him where he goes.

So, while his exact power level is unknown, it is mostly assumed that he is at least in the top 5 of the strongest characters in the One Piece world, and could even potentially be someone who could become the Pirate King. However, he does not care about the title and just wants to free the world from the infamous World Government.

monkey d dragon power level

There we have it, now we know the answers to our previous questions. Now if someone ask you :

Who is Luffy’s Dad ?

Luffy’s dad is Monkey D. Dragon, the leader of the Revolutionary Army in One Piece.

We also answered questions about the entire family history and the parentage of Luff and how Garp tells Luffy about his father. They’re not easy questions to answer unless you’re a hardcore One Piece fan so don’t be shy to brag about your knowledge!

If you want to know more about Luffy from One Piece, the Straw Hats crew, the One Piece Manga and the One Piece Anime be sure to check out our other articles on the blog !

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