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luffy family

Luffy Family


Luffy’s family is known all around the planet. Having a strong role in each center of One Piece’s destiny, you’ll see that this family has been discussed more than once. We will discuss Monkey D. Dragon, Garp and numerous other people who have or not the name of Monkey D. Each character in Luffy’s family has a pivotal significance in crafted by Oda !

Get ready to get each news with respect to Luffy’s horrible family unleashing devastation around the planet. It’s at last the second to have a deep understanding of the character backtracking his genealogy to comprehend the starting points of Luffy, how he gets himself a privateer and what connect he has with individuals of D who were killed during the forgotten century.

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Luffy’s Brothers

luffy brothers

Luffy’s siblings have made everybody talk about them. One turned into a revolutionary and the other a high-positioning individual from the group of Whitebeard, the most grounded man on the planet. Note that the Brothers of Luffy are truth be told otherworldly siblings. A coalition was made between the three characters during the curve of Mount Corvo or have clarified Luffy finished his youth on this island. Having lived numerous experiences, they trade a cup of purpose to seal the association of their clique

Portgas D. Ace

portgas d ace

Before the Marineford arc, the only brother who is featured in the anime is Ace with the Fire Fists, who has been seen for the very first time reunited with his brother on D’Alabasta Island. He tracks Blackbeard across the world for treason against his crew. By this time, Ace is already recognized around the world for his former title of Corsair, but also his allegiance to his spiritual father, Edward Newgate. The character climbs the ranks in piracy until becoming one of the most famous pirates of his generation. A great lineage behind this character who is the biological son of Portgas D. Rouge who is a descendant of the “D” people but also his father who is the great Pirate King Gol D. Roger whom the World Government demonizes.

luffy and ace

The story of Ace and his connection with Luffy is very important, the future Pirate King who is the spiritual brother of the former Pirate King. The link between Ace and Luffy shows us all the complexity between the characters and the links between the D. Because you know, the D are a people capable of finding themselves very easily on the thread of destiny.

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So we understand that Ace and Luffy were predestined to meet, especially when we know that Luffy’s Grandpa was Roger’s most imposing rival. The father who is the former Pirate King gives his son Portgas D. Ace to Garp the Grandpa of Monkey D. Luffy ! Yes, we have warned that everything is linked !


sabo one piece

Do you think it ends there ? Luffy has another brother who is none other than Sabo the Revolutionary. We don’t know if he’s a D and given his nobility descent we don’t think that’s possible. However, we know that Sabo was confronted with a Celestial Dragon who left him for dead in his childhood. Sabo was also related to Monkey D. Luffy and is therefore part of his family, he to exchange with the others a cup of sake, which makes a sacred bond between the three.

sabo goodies

Luffy’s sibling is additionally an extraordinary individual of this world as he is as of now the right hand of Monkey D. Dragon who is the leader of the revolutionary army & the dad of Monkey D. Luffy. On the other hand, an unfathomable association is made all through Luffy’s genealogical record ! Sabo had lost his memory until Ace passed on. We consequently see better why this character has never appeared to us in the manga. At the point when he sees his sibling executed in Marineford, he begins sobbing uncontrollably and self-destructs for a few days because of the stun of recovering his memory 100%. We discover that Sabo is as yet alive when seen in Dressrosa. He says he totally needs to get the Mera Mera No Mi fruit back, in light of the fact that he was unable to allow anybody to take it! Luffy recalls his sibling and thinks him dead !

luffy siblings

Luffy’s dad : Monkey D. Dragon

monkey d dragon

Luffy’s father is called Monkey D. Dragon, he is Garp’s direct son but also the most wanted man in the world. He is the great leader and creator of the revolutionary army which is feared by the world government. A rebellion is created and Dragon has the same power as Luffy. Bring characters back to their cause and fight for the same ideas !

We don’t know anything about this character who is still very mysterious. The only elements that have to be found in a few lines of the manga. This being the case, Luffy’s father takes on his importance in history due to his great achievements. Being the most wanted man in the world is no small feat and its current premium is still unknown due to its amount. We said he was the most wanted, so it’s normal to see the highest bounty for his capture !

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Also we wrote a detailed article about Luffy’s dad, make sure to have a look at it !

Luffy’s mother

luffy's mom

Luffy’s mom still didn’t appear in the series so we don’t know much about her. However, curious as we are we decided to make an article where we explain you who we think is Luffy’s mother. Make sure to have a look at our article about Luffy’s mom.

Luffy’s grandfather : Monkey D. Garp

monkey d garp

Monkey D. Luffy’s grandfather is an extraordinary character in One Piece. This time he is definitely not a needed man and unexpectedly, it is he who tracks down the evil pirates to bring them to Impel Down. As we said before, Garp is important for a similar age as Gol D. Roger and he was his hardest opponent. It is disclosed to us that he needs to take on numerous conflicts with the King of the Pirates. Glad Vice-Admiral of the Navy, he battled for his entire life in the help of the powers of request.

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It is therefore an incredible transfer from the Monkey D family. The simple fact of having a grandparent in the navy who stalks pirates, shows that the Ds are absolutely on all fronts ready to fight body and soul for a cause they believe is right ! Garp did not raise his grandson, but he is also Ace’s spiritual grandfather. We don’t have details about him and his son, but it wouldn’t be too late. He is a powerful figure who is currently training the troops of the Navy in order to strengthen the latter’s power in the world.

luffy's family

Luffy’s family is intricate and we don’t yet have sufficient data to make a total genealogy of the character. After 20 years, we need data to fill in the holes, to put names or faces on specific characters. We desire to see new individuals from his family like his mom or a disclosure about Garp’s dad very soon.

To help you summarize all the informations we decided to make Monkey D Luffy family tree. It will definitely help you recap all the main informations.

Luffy Family Tree

luffy family tree

The full clarification of Luffy Family is currently finished. Did you appreciate the article ? Then make sure to leave a comments below !

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