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one piece avengers

If One Piece Characters were Avengers !


Living in Singapore, Andimoo is an artist who has a project for the least ambitious !

His dream is to create a comic book mixing the worlds of One Piece and Avengers. Just thinking about it gives us chills. 

His project consist of taking¬†the characters of One Piece and transform them into characters of the Avengers¬†Team¬†: Luffy as Captain America, Zoro as Thor, Sanji as Nick Fury etc …

The artist has already started to develop his characters via artworks that describ the story of each character (check below). He even made a custom poster for the movie One Piece x Avengers !

What we want know is someone who can animate this, it will surely be incredible¬†‚≠ź ! The idea it self is awesome !

If you want to support the artist you can make a donation on his Patreon (crowdfunding site for artists) and discover his work or leave him a message on his DeviantArt.

Luffy as Captain America :

Captain America is the symbol of the Avengers, giving Luffy his role is indeed a good idea because he’s the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates and also he has his own fleet know.

luffy captain america

Zoro as Thor :

Zoro with Mjolnir is one of the strongest Avengers. He even managed to lift one with his teeths making him a powerful ally. His new style is called San-THOR-Ryu !

zoro thor avengers

Sanji as Nick Fury :

Like Nick Fury, Sanji’s past was a mystery during a long time. Nick Fury’s Left Eye is hidden while and Sanji’s Right Eye is hidden with his hair. The main question that remains unanswered : Will Sanji be able to make serious decisions like Nick Fury even if there are beautiful womens around him ?

sanji nick fury avengers

Nami as Black Widow :

Like Black Widow, Nami has great agility. Also both of them are masters of tricks and lies. The meeting of these two characters is a perfect fusion

nami black widow avengers

Franky as Iron Man :

Like Tony Stark, Franky is a genius when it comes to create mechanical objects. He’s not¬† nicknamed “Franky The Cyborg” for nothing His Armor is an upgraded version of his previous Battle Franky. Combined Tony’s technology and frankie genius is a fantastic idea !

franky ironman avengers

Chopper as The Hulk :

Chopper and Bruce Banner have many things in common. Both of them have a link with the scientific field. Chopper is a Doctor and Bruce is a¬†nuclear physicist. When his nakamas are in danger, Chopper doesn’t hesitate to put his life on the line such as the Hulk.

chopper hulk avengers

Nico Robin as Agent Maria Hill :

nico robin avengers

Usopp as Hawk Eye :

The God of Snipers has the most coherent role. Both of them have excellent sniping skills and they never miss their target.

usopp hawk eye avengers

Brook as Agent Coulson :

brook avengers


Sabo as Winter Soldier :

Like Winter Soldier, Sabo was left for dead until he reappeared years later. he suffered from amnesia for a long time before he recovered his memory.

sabo avengers

Perona as Scarlet Witch :

one piece avengers

Leo as Ant-Man :

Like Leo, Ant-Man is extremely tiny. You could walk without noticing him. The Tontatta Tribe uses insects to move and fly which is a very interesting common point.

avengers one piece

Luffy (Captain America) vs Blackbeard (Thanos) ! Who Would Win ?

luffy vs blackbeard avengers


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