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one piece stampede review

One Piece Stampede – Review (Without Spoilers)


20 years , 900 episodes and 13 movies later , One Piece still leads the anime world and continues to amaze viewers by producing quality content that amazes , surprises , moves and makes them laugh.

Eiichiro Oda , writer and drawer of this amazing manga , is still not nearly done with One Piece because he just revealed his brand new movie « One Piece Stampede » , which make it the 14th movie of the franchise ! Already out since a month in Japan, its coming to our theaters officially October 24th , the movie already sounds promising and wont seem to deceive One Piece addicts.

One Piece Stampede Official Trailer ! :

One Piece Stampede Official First Trailer (with English subtitles) :

One Piece Stampede Official 3rd Teaser Trailer (with English subtitles) :

What Should we expect ? :

For this great event, the directors have decided to hit hard by gathering all the favorite characters by organizing a huge festival of pirates, orchestred by the new villain named : Bullet and Festa and there’s even some tresor hunting.

Festa and Bullet :

festa bullet one piece stampede

One Piece Stampede is 1 hour and 40 minutes of pure craziness , everyone is part of the story from Luffy and his crew to even the oldest characters like Baggy the clown , one of the first antagonist of the Straw Hat Pirates

This movie is an All Star with all the favorites characters of the serie like Trafalgar Law, Mihawk, Crocodile, Sabo and even Marshall D. Teach himself  ! 

trafalgar law one piece stampedezoro vs fujitora one piece stampedeboa hancock one piece stampedecrocodile one piece stampedemihawk stampedesupernovas one piece stampede

Is One Piece Stampede a great success ? :

The stakes are more dramatic than previous films because our heroes are facing directly Gol D. Roger’s past. A past that was determining in the quest for the famous treasure. Clearly, One Piece : Stampede is reminiscent of the great Battle of Marineford that saw the world’s strongest pirates face up to equally dangerous vice-admirals, admirals, and captains. Twentieth anniversary requires, the film is also an opportunity to find iconic secondary characters that we had a little lost sight.

Luffy Gear 4 Snake Man vs Bullet : 

luffy snakeman one piece stampede

Unfortunately, if the directors wanted to play the card of the spectacular and the intense, we lose a little scenaristically speaking. Due to a lot of fan service ,we are left with a movie who multiplies the entertaining fights but who struggles to hide a scenario sometimes messy. It may be its limit but it is clearly assumed because whether in it’s story, in its characters and it’s many winks, the feature film is staged by a fan and exclusively for fans.

Our Final Opinion :

Overall, the film is at a satisfactory level, although this is not the best feature film of the franchise. The One Piece Movie : Gold released in 2017 offered a more consistent scenario with a rather epic final fight.

The weaknesses of the Stampede scenario unfortunately reduce the overall level of this iteration, which however is by far the best in terms of animation.

However, this will not prevent fans from having a great time, or for some almost two hours memorable, from October 9 in French theaters and October 24 in the United States.

mugiwara one piece stampede

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