one piece shanks lamp
One Piece LED Lamp Red Hair Shanks

One Piece LED Lamp Red Hair Shanks


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Shanks known as Red Hair Shanks is Luffy’s inspirational mentor who pushed him to become a pirate. Shanks is the captain of the Red Hair Pirates and also one of the Yonko that rules over the New World. He has a bounty exceeding 4 billions berries.

shanks marineford gif

Join his crew and start your pirate journey along with one of the strongest Yonko with our super Shanks LED Lamp available now at One Piece Merch® ! ☠️

  • Perfect gift for any One Piece fan
  • One Piece Figure Lamp : Shanks
  • LED Effect
  • Detailed figurine : Top Quality !
  • Ideas for use : Interior decoration (Living room, bedroom, office) / Night light / Mood light 
  • Size : 17 cm 

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